Empire is committed to leading the ship management field by being fully dedicated to quality and efficiency and providing totally customized modular services to satisfy each client’s requirements.

We firmly believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our partners, clients, crew and employees by providing fully transparent services and conducting our operations in a manner that protects Human Health, Safety, Environment and Property in carrying and delivering goods around the world.

  • Empire is also committed to participating actively in the implementation of the SMS providing the necessary conditions to improve effectiveness and performance in the areas of safety and environmental protection.
  • Empire promotes the concepts of HSSQEEn excellence and expects all employees, from top management to every seafarer serving on board, to participate in the effort in order to achieve and sustain long-term improvements towards a state of excellence.
  • Implementing, maintaining and communicating Corporate Policies and Objectives to all employees and other interested parties.
  • Continuously improving safety management skills and competence of the Seagoing and Shore staff, by promoting familiarization, Training, drills and continuous interface between them.
  • Complying with mandatory International and Local Rules and Regulations as well as all applicable Codes, Resolutions and Standards recommended by the IMO, Flag Administration, Classification Societies and other Maritime Organizations.