Empire Chemical Tankers intends to establish one of the largest fleets of chemical tankers within its segment by capitalizing on its expertise and longstanding contacts in the chemical and products industry.

Vessel specifications

◼ Targeting modern high-end IMO II classified vessels

◼ 20,000 – 50,000 dwt preferred size segment


◼ Empire plans to significantly grow from its initial fleet to some 15vessels by 2025

◼ Empire will also consider third party management to grow commercial platform and gain economies of scale

Existing vessels vs. newbuild

◼ Empire expects to act as a selective segment consolidator

◼  Focus on modern high quality tonnage

◼ Opportunistic approach towards newbuilding

Target position

◼ To become the leading high-end vessel owner and operator within its segments

◼ Holding a unique and advantageous position against competitors